All About Bail Bonds in Miami

Increase in crimes in Miami, Florida is attributed to numerous factors according to experts. The pandemic has restricted community cutback and policing on good interaction between the police and the public. There are several Miami bail bonds agencies that can guarantee a defendant release once the bail bond is paid.

The Department of Miami Gardens, which is responsible for investigating killings in unincorporated sections of the county and also a host of smaller cities, has the highest number of homicide cases: 147 by 24thDec 2020,up from 129 in 2019. Homicides in Miami Gardens decreased from 26 in 2019 to 18 in 21st December 2019. There has been a 29 percent general drop in main crimes like rape, murder and aggravated assault. The Miami Chief Police attributed the decline in main crimes to midnight curfews and fewer tourists in town (due to the Covid-19 Pandemic) and to police identification of crime trends and relocating of staff to key areas. Through December 18th 2019, the city has encountered 62 homicides, 47 of them were results of gunfire.

After being charged with crime, one has the option of posting bail for their release. The bail amount is normally set by the court in accordance with the crime charges. The bond cost is 10 percent of the total amount of the bond. Miami courts will need some form of collateral to guarantee the client will show up in court. All new inmates in Miami Dade County are processed and booked at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Once the bail bond is posted, the defendant is freed within a few hours. It is a requirement that the defendant attends all hearings as directed by the court until the case is concluded. If there are several cases, which occur frequently, every case number might have different dates. It is the right of the defendant to be informed of any scheduled court appearances. It is also the defendant’s responsibility to inform the courts’ clerk of any changes of address.

There has been an increase in crime in Miami over the last few years but a decline has been noted in 2020 due to midnight curfews, and bail bonds have played a major role in helping people secure their release from jail for a wide range of charges. Miami bail bonds can be very helpful when arrested for misdemeanors, infractions, and various other crimes.

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